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Welcome to My Journal

There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship.
Saint Thomas Aquinas

Who's friended me lately?

***About adding me***

This is a personal journal with some Sims stuff added to it. Sims posts here will always remain public but new posts will be done @ gotaluvsims.

Any posts of real life events, thoughts ect.. are all Friends Lock. If you would like to know more about my real life please leave a comment and we'll see how it goes. I don't normally allow people I just met to read about my real life because I like to be able to know who I'm telling private things too.

Comments are always welcomed and I hope you enjoy.

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Pixel Trade Asylum

Prosperity Challenges
Riverdale Prosperity Challenge

The Prosperity Challenge was created in the town of Riverdale. The goal is to play each household for the same amount of time so that the neighborhood "grows together". I'll play each household for one Sim week at a time, starting on Monday morning and ending Sunday night (except during special events in which I'll switch between households more often), playing all five households then starting back over at the first household. As more sims are added to their own homes the list will get longer.

The founding residents of Riverdale.

Handicaps for all my game play are:
1. Fearless- Whenever any sim is presented with a chance card, you MUST select one of the two options. You may not choose “Ignore”
2. Obey your Sims- You must fulfill at least one want per sim day for the founder or the youngest heir. This can be a trivial want, but it must still be a want.
3. True Love- It sates "-Your founder and each heir may only have children with sims they have a 3 lightning bolt relationship with (3LB). " But I will settle for two bolts.

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